Production Data

For Sandboxes

Load Production into Sandboxes with a Few Simple Clicks

Get more value from your sandbox organizations with real data. Speed up your development lifecycle and deliver critical business enhancements quickly. No more Data Loader and neverending spreadsheet lookups.

Load Production Data into your Sandbox
  • Define a base object query with the point-and-click Query Builder. No SOQL skills needed!
  • Data Parrot pre-loads the Query Builder form with Schema Object and Object Field Lists from Metadata (even Picklists!)
  • Data Parrot discovers records that are either dependent or related to the base object records.
  • Copy the Dataset to a Target Sandbox and start developing or testing with real data!
Sandboxes are Better Test Orgs with Data
  • Establish dedicated sandboxes for QA and training
  • Mask sensitive data when required
  • Every developer gets their own sandbox - with data!
  • Train employees on new and custom functionality - with data!
  • On-board consultants with their own sandbox - with data!
  • Standardize scripted QA testing on fresh sandboxes - with data!
Deliver Solutions and Enhancements
  • Increase the quality of development efforts
  • Decrease the development life-cycle timeline
  • Iterate through more of the customization your users want and need
  • Execute on mission critical business enhancements
Rapidly Iterate Through The Development Lifecycle
  • Rapidly iterate process design with Production Data
  • Accelerate sign-off with early user engagement
  • Decrease cycle times to go-live
  • Deliver continuous change for business owners

Data Parrot Makes it Easy